Monday, October 15, 2012

The Point of It: Peplum and Camouflage

So sad the weekend is over and my week-long celebration of my birthday has come to an end.  This is what I wore to go out for some shopping and lunch with hubby last Thursday.  I was a bit worried about mixing the two trends of peplum and camo but I was so super comfortable I really didn't worry to much about it.
While the weather was great in the morning the clouds quickly rolled in and by mid-day we found ourselves "trapped" by the pouring rain at Sephora where we dulled our sense of smell by sniffing every perfume and cologne on display.  We spent an inordinate amount of time perusing the make-up isles and I can truly say that my make-up bag has not been so replenished in quite a while!  Thank you Rainy Day!
I do have to mention that it was very entertaining seeing everyone scurry about as the rain started and gained momentum.  A couple was struggling to cover their stroller with the baby in it, a lady ducked into Sephora just in time for her laptop to be saved from drowning, two girls were trying to protect their Louis Vuitton's under too short cardigans while running for shelter, and then there was the little old lady with blue/green hair that was slowly strolling towards her destination wearing boots, a parka and holding the cutest duck-print umbrella.

Top:  H&M
Jeans:  Zara TRF
Pumps:  Carlos Santana
Clutch:   F21
Necklace:  F21
Bracelets:  F21
Rings:  Charlotte Russe, Alexander McQueen
Sunglasses:  Chanel



Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me!

Me - one year old!

I have the ultimate Libra birthday (10/10) and I love it!!  To top it off I was also born at 10 o'clock!

I have never been one to shy away from celebrating my birthday so I am off to celebrate with my friends and family, do a lot of shopping, do a lot of eating out (no dishes for me!) and most of all enjoy being alive, healthy and happy!

I will definitely post on all the shopping I will do (and have done -heehee) so stay tuned!

Enjoy every day (especially your birthday)!!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Me and Mrs. C

This weekend the fabulous Mrs. C (mrsjackofalltradesdaily) and I finally had the chance to meet and had a great time getting to know each other.

When I started this blog I wanted to connect with ladies with similar interests and be able to share/discuss about our passions for fashion, make-up, food, etc...  Actually forming a friendship with another blogger and actually meeting face to face was not something I thought about.  Never mind someone as far as Dubai!

We spent a great many hours talking over dinner at the Cheesecake Factory, walking around the beautiful Grove (thegrovela), and doing some shopping.

Mrs. C:  It was a pleasure meeting  you and your handsome husband!  Thank you for a great time!  I look forward to our next meeting!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Copy Cat Files - Rachel Bilson

In the words of George Hamilton playing Zorro:  "Here I Jam"!  Huge Thank You's to all my blogger-friends that sent me such wonderful words of strength and encouragement!  When I started this blog part of me wished to develop the kind of relationships I have developed and I am so happy.  Again THANK YOU.  
Starting a blog (interject BIG sigh here) and maintaining it was more work than I imagined.  This was party because I love to make people happy and try to please everybody (visiting blogs and commenting on all) but I just crashed and burned trying to stretch myself thin in achieving this.  So I am taking it slow from now on... to save my sanity...and get some sleep.

So on to the good stuff....

Lately I've been getting quite good (lucky maybe?) at finding some amazing items at the Thrift Store (like this great blazer).  When I happened upon this particular blazer in today's post I loved the paisley gold embroidery on it and was thinking of going "baroque" with styling it but then at home I saw this picture of Rachel Bilson in a magazine and knew that's the direction its going to go.  I love the simple and basic look of a jeans+tee outfit.  Adding this awesome jacket, clutch and pointy pumps makes it dressy for dinner and some late evening shopping.  And while we're on the subject, I've had these pumps for ages and have been looking for some new "pointy" (but not so much) black pumps.  Do you have any you love and would recommend?

Blazer:  KASPER - Thrifted
Tee:  H&M
Jeans:  DVF
Clutch:  ALDO
Pumps:  BCBG
Watch:  ToyWatch
Bracelet:  Ralph Lauren
Necklace:  Cara from Nordstrom Rack
Goddess Ring:  BCBG (old)
Earrings:  Swarovsky
Bracelet:  H&M  (necklace worn as bracelet)
Sunglasses:  Chanel
Nail Polish:  Nars (I absolutely love this; get yours here)

  My son getting into the act!

 LOVE the embroidery on this blazer!

There I go again thinking I'm Cindy Crawford...