Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Heat is On...

The weather here in L.A. has been playing havoc on our sanity and my wardrobe.  This past Sunday while visiting family up North in the desert it was 109 degrees!  All I wanted to do is throw myself in a vat of Spumoni ice cream.  Sadly that still remains a fantasy.  To keep cool I went for all cotton fibers and a mix which I'm loving lately of turquoise (my fave) and orange.  While we stopped on the road to pick up refreshments at a gas station the lady at the counter asked me if I knew that my nail polish matched my shirt and my ring matched my pants and did I do this on purpose.  What do you think?
And as long as we are on the subject of pants, it is a true testament to my love of turquoise that I drove 20 miles to the nearest Nordstrom Rack that carried these pants that in reality are a true turquoise.
Take the time to enjoy every day!

Tunic Shirt:  F21
Pants:  Nordstrom Rack
Leopard Flats:  Charles by Charles David
Necklace and Bracelet:  H&M
Turquoise Ring:  YSL Arty Oval
Handbag:  YSL Muse
Sunglasses:  Fendi

These flowers mirror my nail polish color and are gorgeous.


 Pictures taken by hubby who is still getting his focus and zoom mixed up but he did alright.


  1. These 2 colors are perfect together! Fab outfit!

  2. Oh wow, the weather looks so nice, here it is just raining. I love your trousers and jewellery. xo

    1. Thank you for checking out my blog. Hope you stop by again and again. Really appreciate it.

  3. Great look!!! Love your ring :D

  4. thank you for stopping by and showing me love honey I love your blog and style new follower for sure

  5. Thank you sweeties for all the support. It is really appreciated!!

  6. Love the color combination of this outfit.