Tuesday, September 11, 2012


First:  Remember when I did this Fingerless Gloves DIY ()?  While I really liked the gloves I thought for sure I would place them in my drawer and maybe bring them out in the winter for a ski trip.  Imagine my surprise as I was flipping through Nordstrom's August catalog, which somehow was in my "throw away" pile of magazines.  So here is my inspired (and WAY cheaper) version.  Thanks Nordie's for the inspiration!!
*Picture taken by me from Nordstrom August 2012 catalog with my iPhone

Second:  Some of you may have noticed that I've been a bit MIA (thanks for checking on me Roni!!)
Without waxing poetic I have decided to just come clean cuz eventually it will all come out anyway.  A few weeks ago I had minor surgery to remove a small sebaceous cyst from my scalp that was infected. (fyi: sebaceous cysts are benign).  Still, it kinda rocked my world (the wrong way) and I fell into a semi depression/insomnia state that was so hard to shake.  After a couple of days, wanting to feel better, I went out make-up shopping, bought a new foundation (super-expensive, like if I spent more $$ it would equate to me feeling much better) and broke out horrendously, which only ended up making me feel worse and making my insomnia worse.  As days went by I didn't post I seriously worried about hurting my fellow blogger friend's feelings that I couldn't respond back in a timely manner, that I didn't visit their blogs, that my comments lacked substance, etc....
So I decided to turn the tables around and ask all of you:

1. Faced with insomnia what home remedies do you suggest?
2. How do you deal with blogging guilt?, responding to comments?, visiting hundreds of blogs?

Thank you in advance for any words of wisdom, advice, etc...

P.S. As you can see by the pics I am bouncing back (...slowly...)

How fun is this picture?

 I have always wanted to take a picture like this..... PEAACEE!

"take a look at  yourself and then make a change..."  (Michael Jackson)