Monday, August 6, 2012

Summer Denial & Playing with Pearls

One week has passed since my last post and I am still deeply ensconced in denial!  Denial that August has arrived, denial that my September issues of Vogue, Glamour and Lucky magazines have arrived, denial that the kids start school in a few weeks, denial that Michael's has already stocked their Halloween decorations, denial that I subconsciously bought burgundy pants the other day, denial that.... well, you get the point.
So I've put together a totally summer floral outfit to prove to myself that summer is still here!  At least for a little while longer....

Dress:  Zara
Cardigan:  Bebe
Pumps:  Nine West
Handbag:  Marc Jacobs
Torsade Pearl Necklace:  (?)*see below
Pink Pearl  Necklace (worn as bracelet):  (?)*see below
Ring:  ALDO
Earrings:  QVC
Flower hairpin:  H&M
Sunglasses:  Fendi
Lipstick:  MAC M'orange

I have the best fun when ladies compliment me on my chic and beautiful bun
and I tell them that my husband's gym sock is in there.... Their shocked faces!

 While watching Mr. Popper's Penguins (the movie with Jim Carrey) my son actually pointed out the similarity in the pearl torsade necklaces.  Interesting, because I think I remember getting this gorgeous necklace from my Mom' box of trinkets, which she accumulated from her vintage/swapmeet/thrift shopping trips.  I would love to know the story behind this necklace.
(Picture of Angela Lansbury taken by me from the TV)

-------------------- <> --------------------

I bought these pearls when I was going through my Madonna phase,
 probably at a local SwapMeet, where I got my cropped shirts as well.
I have so much fun styling them in all sorts of ways... 
What would you do with a handful of pearls?


  1. Oh, Dana, from head to look so ridiculous cute, stylish, GORGEOUS! (The post was super fun to read, too - what with your denial rant and the sock story hehe!)
    I am seriously saddened by summer coming to a close soon, and summer was never my favorite season! Fall is. But here in the northeast, summer doesn't last nearly as long as the stupid-cold season does and I hate that. When my beloved Fall comes, I just get depressed because I know shits gonna hit the fan and my ass is gonna f r e e z e! Never had I wished summer would double its time.
    Together let's keep on dressing like it's "summer will never say die". :)
    Nice nails by the way! This looks is one of my favorites ever on you.

  2. You look absolutely amazing! I love all the florals, the dress and the shoes. The pearls are just so fun and so chic on you!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  3. Dana, where have you been?? I haven't seen you on my blog feed for a while. Anyway, hope you are ok, actually you look ok to me ;D I don't remember ever seeing you without your shades and today I have to tell you - why do you ever want to cover those beautiful eyes and immaculate make up? Seriously gorgeous eyes, my friend :) And you must teach me how to do that sock bun when I come to LA. Oh, speaking of that we are looking at a few places on Santa Monica beach or its vicinity :) do suggest if you know a decent place to stay. Apparently my husband wants to live a beach bum lifestyle for 10 days LOL!

  4. gorgeous dress and beautiful details and accessories you have the most beautiful and different pictures love them all!

  5. Well if this outfit doesn't convince you that summer is still here, nothing will! Love it! -Rhoda

  6. Love that dress, you look gorgeous as always

  7. eleganta , chic,imi place! iti admir curajul de a purta asa

  8. well , we missed ur posts,and it seems u dropped weight after ur absence.loved the way u played with ur pearls,and lipstic is just awesome,i want one too !

  9. I really love this outfit Dana, one of my faves!
    Have a fab Tuesday Hun xoxo
    Vote intotheblonde BEST LIFESTYLE BLOG in the Cosmo Blog Awards 2012

  10. Love love that looks marvelous on you. The design is beautiful. I can't believe how fast the time has gone, school will be starting here for me too. Time to get my girls organized. I hope you enjoy the last moments of summer & have a beautiful week :) x

  11. Beautiful! This outfit is soo classy and I love the pearls especially. :)

  12. Dana, you look absolutely gorgeous in this retro look. The dress and shoes are fabulous, and your makeup is stunning :)

  13. I love the flowery heels!!!

  14. Dana I fell in love with your pretty dress and fabulous shoes!:)
    Happy Wednesday! xoxo

  15. Hello Darling! Well end of Summer is not anywhere near in sight in Chicago. It is HOTTER than you can believe out there, and Dana it is only Aug 8. The kids have a few more weeks at home. And also I've gone to the Zara sale 4 times now...and have yet to leave each visit empty handed. They were bringing out more items from the back on Sunday when I went in there to return sthg...and well I bought sthg too. $9.99? I can't pass that up.

  16. Hi dear, I thought that my updates weren't working because I hadn't seen a post from you, great to have you back. As its the end of summer where you are, its the end of winter here (although we just got our first snow). I a loving the print on your dress, its like a floral watercolour painting and you always select the best and most exciting accessories to go with your outfits. Stellar combination!

  17. Hello Dana! Well I couldn't help but crack up over your comment on the angry birds! A few weeks ago I went to visit a colleague of mine who just delivered her 3rd baby...which also was her 3rd boy! The two older ones were angry bird fanatics so I picked up so angry bird t-shirts :) They were so happy, and you know boys aren't really keen on getting clothes as gifts at 4 and 7 years of age! Actually, I don't have kids, I'm just a single lady living in the city :)

  18. i am in that same sort of denial! i just want summer a little longer! i love your florals and pearls and fun nails!

  19. LOVE everything - colors, prints, fit, mix, shoes, pearls and the last detail, the flower in your had - PERFECT! This outfit would be PERFECT for the NEON link-up I'm hosting! It's my first time hosting a link-up, and I hope you stop by!

    DOUBLE DOG DARE Fashion Link Up: Summer of NEON! Win a PRIZE!

    Let's follow each other!
    -Daisy Nguyen from PS BANANAS fashion blog:

  20. I love that dress. You look wonderful in it :)

    - Victoria

  21. Thanks Dana,I am back :)
    I like the color block look.The floral dress is cute!!

  22. You look wonderful in these pictures, Dana. This look suits you best.

    I'm also a bit sad for the iminent summer end and for the fact that my son is starting kinder garden, this autumn. He is growing up... :((

  23. This photoshoot looked like so much fun! I too never want summer to end and I'm glad there's still a good bit left of it :) Love the floral on floral, ladylike look! Isn't it funny shocking people by telling them you have a sock in your hair? Hehe.

    The Tiny Heart

  24. oh dana how u doing i just love ur denials thats so funny well i am in total denial to as we are still waiting for summer over here and now kids here talking about Halloween over here to. i love love love ur outfit and just fabulous make up again Dana u are so good at doing ur make up. i love the hair up like this and well pearls are just to me the epitome of class and u like one classy lady my lovely friend. hope u have had good week it does seem crazy to be thinking about back to school my sister lives right beside me and i am so involved wit her kids so iv been shopping for return to school days just weird. Im still recovering from our weekend in Amsterdam crazy place. looking gorgeous as always Dana have a great weekend talk soon much love from ur Irish friend xx leonie

  25. I have the same dress!! and I loove it!! the outfit looks amazing on you!! and the pearls necklace is so elegant!! one big kiss!!


  26. I love your dress!! It's so pretty!! And your hair looks lovely! :)
    A's Fashion Files

  27. Great outfit, I love how you wore those pearls! :D

  28. I love the outfit! You look awesome!

  29. Love your dress! is so cute!!! I'm following! check mine*