Saturday, July 7, 2012

Hit the Road Jack!

An impromptu one day road trip to the desert to visit friends and family turned into an impromptu mini-vacation.  A welcomed time off even if it was for just a few days.  It really was great to disconnect for a few days and just enjoy family time.

Yesterday we headed down to Ventura Beach but I'll do a separate post on that...
I missed all my blogger friends and so happy to be back and re-connect with everyone.

While I haven't yet decided to give in to the Instragram, Pinterest, etc. addiction I want to share with you via my "iPhone'a'gram".  So here is some of what I've been up to the last few days:


 Our whole family loves the Habit for their awesome burgers.
And we're not afraid of some heat!

Trice from HighHeels&GoodMeals posted this recipe (here) of Bruschetta Tilapia
and I liked it so much I tried it.
This was soo delicious the Hubby requested to add this to the regular menu!

This eggplant spread is so healthy and super delicious.  Recipe (here).
I spread it on fresh sourdough bread and pair it with raw veggies like cucumbers and tomatoes.

Summertime means lots of salads for our family and this is a favorite.

Wherever we went I bagged loads of these delicious cherries for the little ones to snack on!


 Pretty flower arrangement at the Pacific Theaters where we saw Madea.
Caught up on some foreign movies.

Went to Six Flags Magic Mountain where we always have an amazing time.

  Threw a Princess Themed Birthday Party for my little Princess.

 Spent the 4th of July poolside and watched an amazing fireworks display in the evening.


My father-in-law starting a new batch of sour cherry brandy.


  1. Thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures with us.

  2. Oh, how cool! Thanks for sharing your whereabouts with us! :* And thanks for wishing me a happy birthday. ;)

  3. yumii food,love avocado! have a nice week end!

  4. Hello gorgeous Dana wow great photos Im so glad u had a nice time it sounds like fun its great to just chill out. That food looks so tasty i love avocado. I must try the recipe it sounds delicious.i love the teaset is that ur little princess she looks so beautiful just like her mom. Hope ur enjoying ur weekend Dana Im still tryin to curl my hair those curlers i mentioned don't really work that well after all. Kisses my lovely friend xx leonie

  5. Now that explains your absence! Well, glad you were on vacay instead of down with fever or something (touch wood!)The pictures are great! I love that Tory sandals and how they matches the nail polish! Now, don't tell me you went buying that sandals to match your polish ;D The eggplant spread, I know they are delish.. I tried them on one of my trips in Italy.. superb! Welcome back!

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  6. Oh good for you!! I have never dared to go to six flax monuntains because I am so afraid of heights!!! I love the tory burch sandals!!

    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

  7. awesome pictures looks like you guys had a lot of fun !!!love the cute blue toes :)))))

  8. amazing trip with so much yummy food...

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  9. that alvocado salad looks amazing!! i love a spontaneous trip :)

    xo SideSmile,

    SideSmile Style blog

  10. Nice photos!

  11. It looks like you & your family had a great time!


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  12. So great! I am really happy that you had had some time with your family. Thats awesome. Yesterday I had amaizng time with my parent anf their long-life friends that come to visit us in Italy. :)

    Love your pictures, looks so yummy :)


  13. Wonderful Post! Looks like a great Meal ,love chilli peper too :))
    The Nail Polish works perfect to the gorgeous Sandals!

    Have a great Sunday Dana ,kisses ☼

  14. Lovely post! Seems like you had a great time and the food looks dellicous!


  15. Hello fabulous lady long time no chat! I hope all is well and with it being summer I am sure you're busy! I love Great America, Haven't gone in a few years but I do love roller coasters. The Habit sounds good, we don't have that chain in Chicago and I also love Trice's blog! I started following her around the time when she had first started! Cooking with Trice posts always makes me hungry!

  16. Wow Dana, amzing pics! Travelling is such a great experience and the biggest dream of my life is to visit every place all over the world!
    Such sweet photos in this post, and love those blue flats ;)

  17. This looks like an amazing time! I love roller coasters too! The food looks so yummy!
    Tarah and the City

  18. That food looks good!

  19. I love amusement parks! Looks like so much fun :) xA

  20. Yaaay! I'm so glad you and your family liked the recipe! That burger though.....looks soooo good!

  21. Lovely photos, food makes me crave! yummm... Glad you guys had fun.:)
    xx shey

  22. this outfit is really fantastic <3 I love it <3