Monday, July 9, 2012

Minty Mint

While driving home from an appointment last week I was stopped at a red light that was taking its sweet time turning green. Overly engrossed in my lip syncing to Whitney Houston's "I will Always Love You" I happen to look over at a store window and glanced at a beautiful mint dress encircled at the waist by a wide braided brown belt.  The car behind me honked and I hit the gas but the image of that dress stayed with me all the way home.  In my mind I was already making plans on going back to purchase it.  The next day standing in front of the pretty mint day-dress with a price tag of $540 I decided that I could recreate the look for far less.  I paired this gorgeous skirt (showed it to you here along with the ring) with this pretty blouse I purchased recently at Zara.  The brown belt was a great find at F21.  This is what I came up with and I am far happier with my version and its much lower price tag.

Blouse:  Zara
Skirt:  F21
Belt:  F21
Shoes:  Modern Vintage
Clutch:  Kohl's
Bracelets:  Target, Local Boutique
Ring:  F21
Necklace:  Zara
Sunglasses:  Fendi
Nail Polish:  China Glaze - Pink Voltage  (neon)
LipStick:  YSL #26

BLOOPER:  I tend to put on my skirts just like my pants, i.e. zip them in front, due in large to lack of dexterity, and then turn them around.  That's what I did today; zipper in front...  Didn't dawn on me that I had been wearing the skirt like this until later when I got home and reached behind my waist to un-zip the skirt and the zipper was still in front.  Oops!


  1. loving the leopard print clutch :)

    Georgi at 7wonders xx

    I'd love to see u

  2. Love the mint Outfit ,you wear it so beautiful with the pink Details! Looks perfect!

    Happy Monday Dana ,kisses :)

  3. It so great that found a way to recreate the dress, that colour is so serene and I am sure that it looks better than the original! Love how you have accessorized it with the neon pink, what a refreshing combination and so pretty!

  4. Haha - love the dramatics of the story leading up to the price tag :) I totally thought this was a dress - it's a gorgeous look! And the pops of pink are the perfect color to compliment! Nice work girl!


  5. Love the colours, they are so pretty. You look super!! x

  6. Wow Dana these colors (see what I did there;) really suit you!

    Love the neon pink against mint.


  7. Love the teal, pink and leopard combo - so fun!

    The Other Side of Gray

  8. I love how u remixed ur closet and saved some bucks,U know I just do the same..Whenever I find something beyond my budget,I hit the thrift stores and try to create similar look.

  9. Looking lovely in mint Dana!
    Happy Monday Hun xoxo

  10. I absolutely love the mint outfit :) It looks great with the pink pops of color! Following ;)

  11. don't you love recreating outfits for so much cheaper (and cuter, i'm sure)? i love this look, and the color looks fabulous on you. too funny about the zipper...i'm sure no one noticed, though!

  12. Dana darling, this color combo works so well! 2 tone of mint and brown with a touch of pink is so so delish! I don't need to tell you again but I have always loved that shoes.. sigh!!

    MRS JACK OF ALL TRADES DAILY where Fashion and Food collide!

  13. I love this look Dana! I have no idea what the $500+ dress looks like but your look is fabulous! Love the nails and the clutch too! Yes ma'am I am so bad that I enjoy the Sunday Trunk show tease...check it out only if you can withstand it haha! I am not looking forward to another heatwave! It was awful this wknd!!! AHHH!

  14. LOL at the zipper issue! I'm obcessed with the color mint this season! Great combo Dana!

    Amberly D'Anna

  15. wow you look great!!
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  16. I love the mint skirt with mint top, so cute! The pink accessories and nails are perfect. :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  17. At first I thought this was a dress until I read it was separates! Your version is just stunning, Dana. I love how you paired it with the hot pink accessories!

    The Tiny Heart

  18. Love the different mints! Looks good!

  19. it's of such a great lovely colour.
    mint makes me feel so relaxed!
    great dress!

    Following u now via Goggle + and blog lovin'. Follow me back if you like! ♥
    Say meow to me on:
    Miss Kwong: From Catwalk to Classroom

  20. Love it Dana! I think this green shade is perfect with your skin and hair, and those heels are to die for!
    Thanks for your sweet comment =)

  21. Lovely outfit…!! Kiss Kiss

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    Discover it on the blog-magazine of the moment!

  22. The animal print envelope and the shoes are my favorite in today's outfit.

  23. This color combo is gorgeous. How funny is your zipper story? Nice to meet you. Dawn suitcase vignettes xo

  24. Woman you look gorgeous!! I love the colors and that necklace POPS!!! I never lip synch! I sing out of tune in the loudest screech I can muster, LOL

  25. Amazing color choices!!!!. LOve the pink with the blue.

    I also Love all your other photos !!!

    Definitively need to come back from time to time and check on you;)


  26. You have such great style! You made this recreation work and I may have to try this outfit myself!

  27. thank you so much for your wonderful comment!! it really makes me suuper happy to know that! you look gorgeous:) love this look! and the pastel blue with the detail of the pink nail is soo pretty:) love it!


  28. The mint green colour is gorgeous and really suits you! I like how you paired it with some brown accessories. Your heels are the stunners



  29. Thanks for your super sweet comment on my blog!! I absolutely LOVE it when one of my readers take note of the fact that I like to mix up sweet and edgy in my outfits <3 (It takes a true fashionista to know another (; haha ) I must say though- you look just absolutely GORGEOUS here in these pics!!:D I LOVE how you paired these two colors together and make it look classy and not too girly! (: Great styling!

    Cindy C.

  30. I love mint and torquoise. Those two color together are gorgeous. You are a beauty as always.
    Nascent ability is just a fancy way of saying "I got skills". Lol
    Tarah and the City

  31. Blue-green hues suit you perfect!! Loving the shoes and funky jewelry!

  32. Oh my goodness, this is what I call a hefty price tag! And I'm pretty sure that your own version is much more beautiful! I love this amazing color on you, and you styled it just perfectly! Plus, I'm obsessed with your belt and necklace. You look so stylish and fabulous!

    xx Ivana
    Macarons and Pearls

  33. Love the blue on you
    really well styled the color together

    New outfit post ; Gotta go my own way