Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Feeling French & Mini Ring DIY

Remember when I couldn't decide which color pumps to keep? (here)  If you've been following me for a while you know that deciding between things are just not my strong suit but I've finally made my decision, as you can see, and I couldn't be happier with these gorgeous heels!
Going out for "coffee time" at a French Bakery inspired my outfit today.  I would've preferred to wear my YSL#14 red lipstick but I hate leaving stains on white coffee cups...  So happy that the weather is cooler now in the evenings and I can wear my beloved waxed jeans.
Obsessed with my new chain link bracelet I got from HRH Collection (here).  Ordering was so easy and the package arrived at my door in no time.
Mini Ring DIY:  I loved this H&M ring as soon as I saw it on the rack but being in a hurry to leave just grabbed the first ring and left... At home I realized it fit my ring finger well but not my middle finger where I wanted to wear it.  The next day at H&M, wanting to exchange the ring, realized that I forgot the ring, but ended up getting the bigger size as it was the last one.  Back at home, fiddling around with both rings while on the phone, stacked the two together and realized I really like the way it looks and kept both!  I did a lot of realization those two days (haha).  But for an Armor Knuckle ring under $15 I say it looks pretty good!

Blouse:  H&M (old)
Waxed Jeans:  Zara
Vest:  ? (real old)
Pumps:  Jessica Simpson
Flower pin:  H&M
Necklace:  F21
Bow leather bracelet:  F21
Chain Link bracelet:  HRH Collection
Armor Ring:  H&M (2 rings worn as one)
Beret:  borrowed from my son
Handbag:  Burberry
Sunglasses:  Gucci
Nail Polish:  Illamasqua "Prosperity" (here)



Friday, August 24, 2012

Lady with the Hat

Fall fashions have hit the stores and although it's still so very hot around here I am shopping-bound becasue the dressing rooms have air conditioning!  This evening in particular was spent scoring some lovely pieces for my fall wardrobe, having some coffee and sweets and also managing to get out of an illegal U-turn ticket!  (Thanks Officer K.!!)  I think it was the hat that was my lucky charm!
I finally got to wear the blouse I showed you (here) and decided to pair it with my oh!-so-comfortable JBrand cargos.  Since most of the time we would be outside and I don't like squinting at window displays I decided to wear this great hat I told you about (here).
Thank you to all that inquired about me.  You guys are so sweet!  I am in fact well and have but three stitches to show off for my bravery!
Happy Friday everyone!

Blouse:  Angl
Pants:  JBrand Houlihan Cargo
Shoes:  Target
Hat:  F21
Earrings:  Lapis Lazuli stones - Gift
Bracelet:  Jacqueline Jarrot
Ring:  Rt.hand:  Nordstrom  Lft.hand:  John Hardy
Bag:  Christian Dior



My son chillin' California-style...

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

My First DIY - Leggings to Fingerless Gloves

When I first started stumbling across these three little initials, DIY, across the internet I didn't even know what they meant and then upon finding out that DIY = Do It Yourself I just simply snorted (yes, I do that sometimes)(a ladylike snort mind you) and thought: "That would be THE day, when I actually attempt a DIY!"  Well, here is THE day.
I'm really artistically inclined so I really don't know the reason behind my reactionary snort to a DIY.  Is it fear that I might mess up?  Is it my lackadaisical mood?  Don't know.  But here I went...
I got these leggings as a gift (who would ever give these to me?) years ago and really liked the design on them but disliked that they are leggings.  Being an ardent Madonna fan I have always liked fingerless gloves (lace or not).  Besides, living in sunny Southern California I really don't have need for the end of the gloves (most of the time).  So I decided to turn these leggings into fingerless gloves and hope that an outfit might be inspired by these new creations!
Do you have any leggings that could look better as gloves?

What you need?  Leggings and a pair of good scissors (so easy)

Decide whether you want short or long gloves and "cut"

Cut small triangles for your thumbs (OK so I'm not that great at itty-bitty triangles)


Monday, August 20, 2012

Wild Burgundy

"We now return you to the regular scheduled program."  You hear this when you're watching something on TV and it's interrupted by breaking news, etc.  I now have this sentence on the brain as everything falls back into its regular schedule as summer closes.  And speaking of fall (thought I would let that slide?), I have been studiously going over the September fashion magazines and have fallen in love with all the Fall/Winter 2012 trends.  I was so inspired that I actually decided to incorporate a small bit of a few trends into an outfit which got its start with this really amazing blouse from Forever21.  I've had my streak of wild days and now I express that through fashion (it's written right there!).
So here we have the trend of the color burgundy (the pants and lips), dark lips, animal print (clutch and shoes {snake print on platforms}), teal (nail polish), and baroque (necklace and earrings).
As an aside I wish to express my gratitude for all that have stopped by my blog and have commented.  It looks like I have some catching up to do.
(P.S.  You'll just have to forgive the roots; had to have some minor surgery so had to postpone touch-ups!)
So tell me, what trend have you or are you going to try out for fall?

Blouse:  F21 (new)
Trousers:  H&M (new)
Pumps:  Wild Pair
Clutch:  Kohl's
Ring:  H&M
Cuffs:  F21
Necklace:  Givenchy
Earrings:  Swarovski
Sunglasses:  Local Boutique
Nail Polish:  Sally Hansen "Blue Me Away"
Lipstick:  Revlon "Black Cherry"#477, Buxom "April" on top

*got a freebie Benefit "They're Real" mascara at Sephora and I triple love it.... what do you guys think?
 (by the way: I am not getting paid to say this; I guess they're getting a freebie back! hahaha)

What do you guys think of the dark lips?


Monday, August 13, 2012

Copy Cat Files - Inspired by Solange Knowles

Solange Knowles conclut sa tenue à l'aide d'une pochette fuchsia furieusement mode.

After an impromptu before-school cleaning of my son's closet I ended up with about 10 bags of clothing to donate to the local thrift shop.  After unloading all the bags from the car and taking them inside I decided to browse the racks for a few minutes.  Here I must interject and disclose that thrift shopping and I have a sordid past: I still remember my Mother boiling the clothing we got from the Salvation Army when I was a kid.  Newly arrived to this country we had big dreams and small pockets so money was tight.  I swore that once I was an adult and had my own money I would never shop at thrift stores.  I kept to my promise but have donated on a regular basis.  Not until recently when my son's school suggested a thrift store for putting together a Colonial Day outfit did I step inside a thrift store.
This particular visit I left with a few items including this awesome blazer.  It is beautifully lined and made of gorgeous material.  Alas, there is no tag, no attached care tag, no nothing.  The blazer is in pristine condition, looks absolutely new and seems to have never been worn.  If anyone ever sees a blazer like this somewhere else please let me know.  I would love to know the story of this great piece.  Do you love fashion mysteries or do they just drive you bonkers?
But I digress... The second day after I got this blazer, while perusing a magazine I had just gotten in the mail, I saw the outfit Solange Knowles was wearing with her Robert Cavalli jacket and the rest is blogger history.  I love Solange's style.  She is so daring and exudes a fashion and style maturity that is way beyond her 25 years..  She is also the new face of Madewell.
Because it is 100 degrees I really didn't feel like messing with my hair.  I just washed it, didn't put any product in it to weigh it down, and just let its normal, messy, frizzy-self shine!

Blazer:  Thrifted
Blouse:  F21
Shorts:  H&M
Pumps:  Kelsi Dagger
Handbag:  F21
Necklace:  House of Harlow
Earrings:  Swarovski
Rings:  H&M
Bracelet: (left) H&M necklace worn as bracelet
Bracelet: (right) Fendi bag strap worn as bracelet
Watch:  ToyWatch
Sunglasses:  Fendi
Lipstick:  YSL #49

  If only flowers could grow jewelry....I would be a gardener full time!